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Sell your story

I believe that everyone
has a story

Yours could be about a health condition, a personal experience, a crime you’ve been the victim of, or something you would like to celebrate.

People tell their stories for lots of different reasons – to raise money or awareness for charity, to warn people, or maybe to commemorate something, or someone, special.

Whatever your reason for telling your story, I can guarantee that I would handle it with the utmost sensitivity.

How much will I get paid?

I’m a freelance writer, meaning I’m not tied to one particular publication, so I can use my contacts to try to get the best deal and fit for you.

People often ask if there’s a fee for their story. Usually there is, but it depends largely on the publication and the story.

Sometimes raising awareness in a national publication is worth more than any amount of money.

Usually though, people can expect a fee ranging from £50 up to more than £1,000, although generally it tends to be in the low hundreds.

And don’t worry, I get paid a separate fee to write the story so it doesn’t affect your pocket!

Another benefit of me not being affiliated to one particular publication is that I can sometimes arrange a deal whereby your story appears in multiple publications, thus increasing the money, and coverage, you make.

What does it involve?

Just send me a message with a basic outline and your contact details, and I’ll get in touch.

Most stories will require photos of you and the people involved, but there are sometimes exceptions to this so it’s worth enquiring if you’re not sure.

Once I’ve got enough information I’ll try to get you the best deal with the publication that’s right for you.

Some people prefer maximum coverage or a large fee, while others prefer their story to appear in a publication that reaches a particular audience.  It’s all about working out what’s best for you.